10 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Dramatically

10 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Dramatically

Ok, we can hear a lot of you saying, “We love your articles, but can you give us some quick tips on improving workplace safety ASAP?”

Yes, we heard you, and that’s why we’ve got today’s post specifically. We all love quick-fix solutions. While these aren’t the best way to approach your overall workplace safety, this is a good starting point. Here in today’s article, you can find a list of the top ways to improve your workplace safety dramatically, starting today. What more, most of these tips are easy to implement and don’t cost a fortune.

So, gear up and take the first steps to making your workplace safer for all.

Tip #1: Always Train Staff before you Assign them a Job

This is hands down, the best and most efficient way to improve workplace safety. Reduce injuries, improve the health of your employees and reduce workplace stress all by providing the proper training to your team.

Irrespective of whether you hire a forklift operator with decades of experience or a fresher, you must provide comprehensive training before you let the person on the job. This applies to all positions, from the simplest ones to the complicated ones.

Never assume that your employees know the safe way to handle a particular task. Make sure that you provide them with the right training to make the job safer and easier.

Tip #2: Make Smart Hires 

Very often, when sales are more than production capacity, most business owners are tempted to make a quick hire. This is a grave mistake, as incompetent workers are more likely to receive workplace injuries.

Never, ever hire an ill-fitted person for a job. Make sure that you screen candidates thoroughly. Check whether they have the necessary skills and experience required for the job.

If you find that you’ve made a wrong hire, try to move the person to some other job befitting his/her skills. Don’t retain an incompetent person in the job, as you could end up with critical workplace injuries.

Tip #3: Be Watchful of What you Reward

When you reward an employee for having completed a particular task successfully within a deadline, with no regard to safety, you’re unknowingly starting a “Whatever it takes” mentality around the office. So, be wary of what you appreciate.

“Whatever it takes” mentality opens the door to safety compromises. Make sure that your employees know that you always appreciate the right method of doing more than just doing.

Tip #4: Demand a Safe Workplace

As the boss, it all starts with you. If you insist on a safe workplace and enforce all safety rules and regulations, with no compromise, then you can be pretty sure that your employees will follow suit.

To do this, you have to, first believe that it’s possible to do everything safely, without losing out on productivity. The next step is to practice what you preach.

If you choose to cut corners, then you’re sending the wrong signals to your employees. Remember that your workers will follow your principles, only when you believe in them.

Tip #5: Post Safety Signs around the Workplace

Even the most safety-conscious worker can forget the rules and regulations at times. The easiest way to make your employees follow the safety rules and regulations is by continually reminding them of that. Start by posting safety slogans and posters on the work floor and around the campus. This can be anything from slogans like “Remember your helmets” to signs like “Dangerous Chemicals.”

Alternatively, you can remind employees about workplace safety by sending them periodic emails highlighting the importance of safety, demonstration videos, conducting safety quizzes at work and so on.

Tip #6: Provide the Right Safety Tools and Equipment

Expecting your workers to follow safety rules without providing them with the right tools is like asking people to pay taxes without providing them even the essential amenities. If you don’t provide your workers with safety equipment and gear like steel-toed shoes, hard helmets, workplace boots, safety glasses, you can be 100% sure that they won’t follow the safety rules and regulations.

Make sure that the tools are available to all and are appropriately maintained. Replace any worn out equipment as soon as possible. Once people have the right gear on hand, you can rest assured that safety will fall into place.

Tip #7: Look for Ways to Continuously Improve 

Safety is NEVER a “Once and done thing.” There’s always room for improvement. You have to be on your toes and search for ways to improve the safety of your workplace. Do a brainstorming session with your employees. This includes both the front office desk job guys as well as people who work on the factory floor.

Find out new methods to make your workplace safer. Enquire employees about what could be better and look for innovative ways to make it better.

Tip #8: Keep your Workplace Clean

Wondering what “cleanliness” has to do with safety? Well, a messy workplace spreads the red carpet to injuries, slips, falls and other accidents. Make sure that your workplace is clean and mess free. This means, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

After all, no one wants to search around for the fire extinguisher amid heaps of stuff during a fire accident. Also, spread the message that a clean workplace is the key to a safe workplace.

Tip #9: Provide Regular Breaks for your Employees

The best way to avoid broken bones in the workplace is by providing employees with coffee breaks. Yes, there is a relation. Tired workers are most likely to make fatal mistakes leading to accidents and injuries. So, make sure that your workers take regular breaks to refresh and re-energize.

If possible, try to avoid long shifts and overtimes. Additionally, you can encourage employees to do “simple stretches” during breaks. This not only relaxes the muscles but also makes them alert, so that they can focus on the work at hand.

Tip #10: Above all, Reward Safety

Rather than rewarding employees with the highest productivity, make sure that you reward employees who have followed all the safety rules and regulations while showing consistent work. This way you aren’t just rewarding the result but also emphasizing on how the result was achieved.

Wrapping it up

Follow these ten simple tips to get started on the road to safety. For any further assistance on your journey to a Safe and Healthy Workplace, get in touch with our safety experts at +91-24-661 3137 / 266 3021.

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