Raise your Compliance, Business will follow

Wondering why all of a sudden orders are reducing? Why a new buyer visits your facility and never comes back? Is it the industry norm or is it just your factory? Do you ever wonder why despite having a great infrastructure, you are still missing orders?

Are you an international brand, buyer or suppliers? Not sure, how to ensure that Health and Safety Standards are met at your local vendors and partners or in your factories?

The possible reason could be that your set up isn’t as safe as you think it is. The growing incidence of accidents at the workplace indicate there is a huge gap between the existing level of health and safety security measures in place and international compliance standards. It is this gap that a health and safety solutions provider like TOTALIKA can help you close.

Totalika’s 360° OHS Services ensures that your brand value is protected by ensuring that all norms comply at your local vendors & factories.

Occupational Health & Safety Experts: For Audits with 100% Integrity

Our aim is to achieve more than the conventional standards of health and safety in the workplace. We at Totalika, help you exceed legal requirements and create a paradigm change in the safety mindset, at cost-effective manners. Our proactive approach to OHS audits provides your business with efficient solutions, instead of just focusing on what’s wrong. Our unique methodology identifies the strengths of how your company manages workplace safety and looks for opportunities to improve your workplace safety performance.

Our expert team of safety professionals is well-versed in all the latest national and international guidelines concerning worker well-being and workplace safety. Totalika is there with you all through the process from Audit Planning, defining the objectives, scope, criteria, conducting on-site audit activities, audit report development to the final report delivery and presentation.

Our Health and Safety Services are tailored to meet the ethos, culture, and strategy of your organisation. We help organisations of all sizes achieve OHS compliance by providing a safe and working environment and helping you build a productive and engaged workforce.

Our team combine technical expertise with organizational understanding to deliver demonstrable value and return on investment. Don’t take a risk with safety. Partner with Totalika to ensure that all ethical and safety norms are met at your vendors and partners in India.

Ensuring Social Compliance and Health & Safety in the factory doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Most of the time we ourselves makes it complicated for short terms gains without even visualizing the resulting future consequences. It is very common in the industry to see Accounts & HR staff forced to handle Social Compliance and Health & Safety of the factory as simple as an Electrician asked to handle Boiler, a washing staff is asked to handle Chemical Store, an accountant to handle HR responsibilities and HR staff to handle Safety office responsibilities and so on…

You are expert in your business and trade and we are experts in ours. Let the experts handle your CSR, Social & Environmental Compliances and Health & Safety of your factory.

TOTALIKA as your Ethical Partners offers complete 360° Compliance solutions to transform your workplace to the International Standard in a cost effective approach.

Occupational Health & Safety Compliance: Important for brands and partners

Occupational Health and Safety has emerged as a big issue in recent years, international brands are increasingly under pressure from their customers to ensure that all ethical and safety norms are met by their vendors. A slight misstep can lead to consumer backlash and loss of revenues.

Occupational Health & Safety Experts: Audits conducted with 100% integrity

At Totalika, we have rich experience and in-depth understanding of all national and international guidelines concerning worker safety. Our team of experts have received rigourous training in OHS and are adept at spotting the slightest deviation from norms.

Occupational Health & Safety Training: Making OHS part of the industrial landscape

As part of our efforts to popularise the concepts and philosophy behind OHS, we conduct regular training and workshops for employees of international brands and their vendors.

3600 Occupational Health & Safety Services: Compliance from the word go

For most factory Management and HR Teams meeting tight production schedules, payroll activities and hiring takes precedence over OHS. In our experience of working across different geographies in the Indian subcontinent, we have witnessed good intentions for most part, but the lack of awareness of OHS norms and how to comply with them leads to gaps in implementation.

As part of Totalika’s 3600 OHS Services, we assist factories in fashioning a logical, workable plan that protects operational efficiency, design the evacuation flow and implement safety and evacuation protocols across the factory – including signage and markings.

Transform your OHS Compliance to International Standard with Totalika

Our three tiered approach

  1. Factory Assessment:
    As the first step, we conduct a thorough assessment of your factory to determine it’s current level of Social Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standard.
  2. Plan, Design and formulate the Implementation Process:
    In the next stage, we work with you to plan, design and formulate the process of implementation to close any gaps and raise your level of Social and Health & Safety Compliance to transform your factory to match it with the International Standards.
  3. Process Maintenance:
    Finally, after getting you at the 100% compliance level, we work with you throughout the year to help you maintain that level.

Occupational Health & Safety Training: Making OHS Part of the Industrial Landscape

Totalika offers a broad range of innovative, customized safety training solutions for businesses of all sizes and across verticals. Our trainers are our biggest assets. They are not only health and safety experts – but they also know how to engage with your employees to get the best results out of training programs.

Our training solutions not just focus on what to do in the case of an accident, but instead emphasize on building a “Safety Conscious Workforce” who ensure that accidents don’t happen in the first place.

Our training programs are highly tailored to meet the specific requirements of your brand. We work with you to understand your needs and create a customized training workshop that helps you reach your specific safety goals.



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