6 Reasons why Investing in Team Building Activities is a Great Idea

6 Reasons why Investing in Team Building Activities is a Great Idea

What’s the most important asset of your business? Your Employees! Even the most innovative business with cutting-edge products cannot function, if they don’t have great people behind it, to run it. Employees are the heart, blood, and soul of your company and this is why you should invest in team building activities.

Team Building Matters for All

Whether you have 10 employees or 100 employees, you need team building events for all businesses of all sizes and structures. When your employees feel valued and happy, the productivity of your business increases, which in turn improves revenues, across the board.

Taking an entire day off from work to spend time with the team may feel daunting at first. After all, there are costs to consider and not to mention the missed work. However, the truth is the – benefits of team building far outweigh the minor inconveniences.

Here are the Top Reasons why Investing in Team Building Pays Off Well

  • Team Building Increases Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the crucial driving factors for the success of your business. What is employee engagement? It refers to how much your employees care about your company and how hard are they willing to work to ensure that the company stands out from competitors.

However, several studies state that nearly 70% of employees are not engaged. They just show up to work, do the job mechanically, without contributing any significant inputs. This takes a huge toll on the bottom line of your company.

Team building is a great way to boost the morale of employees and show them that you care about their well-being and happiness. When employees feel like they are cared for and belong to a conducive environment, they are likely to step out of their shell and improve contributions.

  • Team Building Helps you Attract and Retain Top Talent

Recently, Forbes published an article, where it describes how hugely successful companies like Google, Salesforce, Uber and Facebook are using team building the right way. These companies showcase their strong employee-friendly corporate culture to attract the best and brightest talent.

Today, millennials form a major portion of the workforce. Unlike previous generations, millennials don’t just evaluate the salary and benefits, but also they assess the working environment. Due to this drastic shift in the work culture, you need to focus on team building activities.

As you can see, your strong corporate culture can serve to attract the best talent and help your business retain them.

  • Team Building Improves Workplace Communication

A study conducted by the Human Dynamics Lab of MIT observed the differences between average teams and top performing teams. The study found that “communication” is one of the key factors that helped to build successful teams. The study also found that it’s not just the content that is being communicated, but also the style of communication matters.

Team building is one of the best ways to improve communication among your employees. With improvements in communication, you improve the performance of your team, thereby boosting the outputs.

Team Building Helps Employees Know Each Other Better

This is one of the most obvious benefits of team building activities. You may spend over 40 hours a week with your colleagues in close quarters, yet you may know nothing about them. Team outings employees interact with each other, outside a non-work setting.

Having supportive and encouraging co-workers makes a huge difference. However, establishing a rapport with your co-workers is difficult, if all you do is discuss work. Team building activities help employees build personal connections and grow supportive and appreciative of each other.

Team Building Builds Bridges Across Departments

Very often, in big businesses, employees rarely interact with people beyond their department. Team building activities provide a chance for employees to interact with colleagues whom they don’t usually see.

At a company-wide team, building activity employees from across department get a chance to interact with each other. This helps them to embrace the diversity of the workforce and break down the mental barriers separating them.

Team building is more than just making small talk. It provides a platform for employees to build and develop their professional networks.

Above all, Team Building Makes People Feel Valued

Even the best of jobs can get boring and monotonous at times. People look for working in a company that recognizes and rewards employees. They don’t want to feel like they are just another cog in the gigantic corporate machinery.

Team building activities provide an opportunity for employers to express their gratitude and appreciation to employees, thereby making the latter feel valued in the workplace.

Final Thoughts – Team Building is One of the Best Investments You Make for Your Business

In short, team building is a win-win for both employees and employers. Your team feels appreciated, and they get to take a refreshing break away from the workplace. The day out helps them to get more comfortable with their co-workers, this, in turn, improves engagement levels, efficiency, and overall returns.

With the right team building activities, your employees can have a whole lot of fun, while reaping the benefits like – building trust, mitigating conflicts, boosting employee morale, reducing stress, and improving communication and collaboration.

Make Team Building Fun

Very often, team building activities receive a bad rap. Whenever a manager announces, “We will have a team building activity,” employees begin to feel bored or irritated. Team building is considered lame, something done just for the sake of doing.

However, it needn’t be so. Instead, of just conducting awkward ice-breaking games in the office, try something fun like taking your team for a day outing to a resort, participate in various outdoor games like archery, football, cricket or cook a team lunch together and more.

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