Safety Audits

Smart Safety Devices – The Future of Safety is Here. Are you Ready?

Very often, industrial safety is seen as a major block to increasing productivity. Business owners falsely assume that with an increased emphasis on safety, production will take a hit. But, what if you could use safety as a means of improving productivity? Check all about the future of industrial safety with the Smart Technology revolution. […]

5 Step Guide to Draft a New Safety Training Program for Your Business

All businesses are unique, irrespective of whether they belong to the same industry or employ a similar number of people. When it comes to “Safety Training Programmes,” there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” Workplace safety is not just, about knowing where the emergency exits are. To achieve workplace safety, you need to focus on […]

Top Ten Tips for Safe Manual Handling Practices at Work

Do your employees regularly move heavy objects like crates, containers, boxes and other stuff? Generally, we don’t pay much attention to this, considering it as part and parcel of the job. But, improper lifting leads to deadly injuries and accidents. Take a look at the proper manual handling practices to minimize injuries at the workplace. […]

Who’s Handling your Safety Audits?

Should you go with an In-house Team or an External Safety Audits Expert? Find Out Now. Before, we come to the big question of whether you should opt for an internal or external Safety Audits Expert, let’s first get the basics right. To begin with, What’s a Safety Audit? Simply put, “An audit is the […]