Workplace Safety

7 Machine Safety Tips to Prevent Workplace Injuries and Accidents

All workplaces, irrespective of the industry or nature of the business, use machinery. Heavy machinery is a boon at the workplace. It helps to complete complicated tasks promptly and reduces dependence on manual labour. With that said, heavy machinery is indeed dangerous, when not handled properly. Improper use or lack of training could lead to […]

Don’t get Beaten by these Top 5 Workplace Safety Blind Spots – Ways to Spot & Eliminate Them

Is your workplace safe? Or are there any blind spots, waiting to trip all your well, thought-out safety strategies? Find out now. Workplace safety is a never-ending process. When implemented correctly, it can help you avoid accidents at your workplace and prevent lives from getting lost. Most businesses focus on achieving the best safety practices […]

Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Ok, you may have drafted pages of safety guidelines and best practices for your workplace. But, all your efforts are no good, if your employees aren’t aware of these guidelines. A safe workplace is possible only when all employees work together and act based on the safety standards. Here, in today’s post, we give you […]

The Million Dollar Question – How to get your Employees to Follow Safety Procedures & Rules?

You know that safety plays a crucial role in your workplace, but do your employees understand its value? How can you motivate them and get them on board? Ok, you’ve dedicated plenty of time and resources to build the most comprehensive safety program on the block. You’ve trained supervisors, recruited safety managers to ensure that […]

Emerging Technologies that are Revolutionizing Workplace Safety

The safety industry is not the first one that springs to mind when we hear the word “innovation.” However, with the fast pace of technological revolution happening around us, workplace safety is undergoing radical changes today. You’re about to witness a massive transformation in how safety is applied in the workplace, thanks to emerging and […]