Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Ok, you may have drafted pages of safety guidelines and best practices for your workplace. But, all your efforts are no good, if your employees aren’t aware of these guidelines. A safe workplace is possible only when all employees work together and act based on the safety standards. Here, in today’s post, we give you […]

The Million Dollar Question – How to get your Employees to Follow Safety Procedures & Rules?

You know that safety plays a crucial role in your workplace, but do your employees understand its value? How can you motivate them and get them on board? Ok, you’ve dedicated plenty of time and resources to build the most comprehensive safety program on the block. You’ve trained supervisors, recruited safety managers to ensure that […]

Emerging Technologies that are Revolutionizing Workplace Safety

The safety industry is not the first one that springs to mind when we hear the word “innovation.” However, with the fast pace of technological revolution happening around us, workplace safety is undergoing radical changes today. You’re about to witness a massive transformation in how safety is applied in the workplace, thanks to emerging and […]

Tips to Build a Strong Safety Culture at Work

Of late, the term “workplace culture” has become relevant. With tech giants like Google, Pixar, Facebook and others spending thousands of dollars on building the right workplace culture, it has indeed become a buzzword. Workplace culture is nothing but the way how things are done at your workplace. The same applies to “Safety Culture.” Instead, […]

7 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

If you’re a business owner, who understands that “Workplace Safety” is as important as your bottom line, then Congratulations! Sadly, you’re in the minority. Entrepreneurs who aren’t Worried about Safety are Risking Too Much In fact, a majority of entrepreneurs and business owners, especially small to medium business owners, don’t emphasize on workplace safety or […]

What to do if an Unfortunate Accident occurs at your Workplace?

A recent statement from the Ministry of Labour (MoL) states that nearly 1400 fatal and over one lakh non-fatal injuries and accidents occur at workplaces all around the country. That roughly equals an average of four deaths per day!!! That’s just the recorded cases. It barely scratches the tip of the iceberg. Workplaces, especially Indian […]

Tips to Boost your Safety Performance in 2018

If improving your workplace safety was one of your resolutions for 2018, here are a few commandments to help you achieve it. Read on to find the steps you have to take to make your safety resolution come true. #1: Thou Shall Engage Thy Employees Instead of involving your employees only when you implement safety […]

10 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Dramatically

Ok, we can hear a lot of you saying, “We love your articles, but can you give us some quick tips on improving workplace safety ASAP?” Yes, we heard you, and that’s why we’ve got today’s post specifically. We all love quick-fix solutions. While these aren’t the best way to approach your overall workplace safety, this is a […]