My company has a flawless record – Why should I hire a Safety Consultant

My company has a flawless record – Why should I hire a Safety Consultant

A few Compelling Reasons why you should Hire a Safety Consultant,

Despite ZERO Accidents at your Workplace

Here at Totalika, India’s leading safety and health consultant for workplaces, we are often asked a question by our clients,

“My company has a flawless safety record – Why should I bother hiring a safety consultant?”

That is indeed a valid question, and if you have asked it, then you’re in the right place. Here, in this blog post, we put an end to this query once and for all.

Let’s state an open truth – Hiring a Safety consultant is going to cost your business money. So, as a business owner, it’s only right that you evaluate the pros and cons; to determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth, before investing in safety.

Here are a few reasons, why you MUST hire a health and safety provider, despite having a “flawless track” record:

  1. You get a pair of fresh eyes and ears

Even though you may walk the halls of your factory umpteen times daily, you could fail to notice potential risks and dangers like the extension cord running across the factory floor. You may fail to see the fact that your workers don’t use the requisite safety gear while operating heavy machinery or don’t have ergonomic seating in the workplace.

Even in large corporations, who have dedicated on-site safety professionals fail to recognize and identify the dangers in the workplace. When you hire an external safety consultant, like Totalika, you get additional professionally trained eyes and ears, which help you in eliminating the risks and dangers in your workplace.

  1. A Safety Consultant doesn’t interfere with your Business Operations

A safety consultant’s job is to make sure that your business is protected on all fronts. When you hire a safety consultant, you get a professional who handles all safety aspects of your business. This means you can use your entire taskforce to manage the day-to-day running of the business and not worry about safety.

  1. You get an accurate Safety Report

An updated, professionally prepared safety report is not only essential to comply with rules and regulations but also protects your business from legal tangles. A professional safety consultant provides you with an accurate safety report that is unbiased. It pinpoints exactly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

  1. Customised Solutions that fit your Business like a Glove

Yes, it is possible to handle safety requirements on your own, with the help of the internet. But, it doesn’t provide you with tailored solutions that fit your specific business requirements and objectives.

For instance, a business that has both an office and a plant requires a safety plan that addresses the requirements of both administrative staff as well as factory workers.

When you work with an external safety consultant, you don’t get cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, the consultant and his team work together to provide you with an accurate plan that addresses your needs and meets all the challenges of your business.

  1. Helps you Save both Time and Resources

Unless you’re professionally trained in workplace safety, you don’t have the necessary knowledge to wade through tons of paperwork to find all the rules and regulations that apply to your business. When you work with a consultant, he/she provides you with the best solutions within a quick time-frame, helping you save time.

What more, you can focus on your core business objectives, without having to deal with safety regulations that fall beyond your scope of expertise.

  1. Documentation and Procedures

A professional safety consultant provides you with detailed documentation of the safety audit. Additionally after the safety review, the consultant and his/her team, also help you in setting up hazard prevention measures in your workplace, to eliminate risks and dangers.

A safety consultant also takes the time to document and draft written procedures. This helps to provide your staff with a trusted guide on what to do when an unfortunate accident occurs in the workplace.

  1. Employee Training

Inadequately trained employees are one of the primary reasons for workplace accidents. The job of a safety consultant doesn’t end with identifying the potential dangers in the workplace. Instead, the consultant works with your employees and provides them with updated training about handling heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and others.

Additionally, if unfortunately, a workplace accident occurs, you need to prove that you have provided employees with the right training for the job. This is essential if you want to avoid lengthy and costly lawsuits.

Consultants not only provide your employees with safety training but also help you document the whole thing. This way, if an accident were to occur, you can prove that you had taken all reasonable precautionary measures in the workplace.

To put in a nutshell, here are a few compelling benefits of hiring a Safety Consultant for your Workplace:

  • Reduce overhead costs and operational expenses
  • You can choose either a full-time consultant or a part-time consultant, depending on your requirements
  • Professional safety training provided to your employees regularly
  • Your business gets up to date on all safety regulations and rules, required by your local authorities

Wrapping it up

Though you may have a “Flawless Safety Record” up till now, that doesn’t mean everything is perfect in your workplace from a safety point of view. You would have heard the saying, “Prevention is always better than cure.” So, make sure to hire a safety consultant before your luck runs out.

While hiring a health and safety consultant may feel like an added expenditure, there’s no denying the fact that “It’s a Wise and Smart Investment.” While it may add to your current expenses, the benefits from hiring a consultant are indeed HUGE in the long run.

Click here to start your consultation with our safety experts here at Totalika, India’s most trusted health, and safety provider. With years of experience in the industry handling clients of all sizes across verticals, we can provide you with the right customised solution that meets your specific requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to start your journey towards “A Safe Workplace.”

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