Social Audit

Brands are increasingly under pressure by customers, regulatory authorities and NGOs to adhere to higher standards of sustainability, equitable worker conditions and environmental protection. A slight lapse can result in major consumer backlash. In this scenario conducting strict Social Audits has become imperative.

All large corporations across the world subscribe to ethical treatment of workers, the environment and communities. There are clear local and international laws that clearly state the minimum wages, work conditions & hours, welfare norms that need to be met. However, when it comes to vendors the best deterrent to flouting norms is fear of losing business.

Totalika’s experienced and well trained auditors undertake social compliance audits of factories within the supply chain based on the brand’s specific Code of Conduct. After the first audit, corrective action plans are implemented to eliminate deficiencies. Further audits are then undertaken to ensure compliance with the corrective action plans. By teaming with Totalika ensures that factories are upholding Code of Conduct and adhering to local laws protecting factory workers.

Environmental Audit

Climate Change is no longer in a far, distant future. It’s here now, and it’s time your business prepared to tackle the ecological changes of tomorrow. We at Totalika, provide a comprehensive range of services to help businesses assess, quantify and manage their relationship with the natural environment and to plan for a changing future.

Our environmental audits assess your environmental credentials and ensure that national and international regulations and norms are met. Instead of just focusing on what’s wrong, we take a proactive approach, helping you identify solutions that put you on the right track. Our wide array of environmental audit, assessment, verification and testing services, ensure that your business minimizes environmental impact, while simultaneously improving sustainability performances.

Our Environmental Audits lay particular emphasis on Water Supply Management, Waste Water Disposal, Safe Storage, Use and Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals, Air Quality Management, Energy Management, Emergency Response Systems, Fire Prevention and Control Systems, Noise Management, and so on. We serve a wide range of clients and help them with their permitting processes, facility operations and social compliance along with their impact on the environment.



Risk Assessment & Structural Compliance

How do you figure out if the vendor who is offering great rates has the ability and the right infrastructure which meets all norms


Traceability Audit

Traceability is the ability to track any supply through all stages of production, processing and distribution (including importation and at retail).


Quality Control & Shipment Inspection

During the season when the rush and pressure is on, garment factories tend to focus more on meeting deadlines and there is


Totalika Training

Training employees about workplace safety requirements is a great investment. An effective Occupational Health and Safety training program implies



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