Risk Assessment & Safety Audit

We at TOTALIKA are committed to make your premises safer, using the best Risk Assessment & Safety Audit practices in the industry.

We help you to:

  • Evaluate the level of safety in your premises
  • Reduce the safety risks and liabilities for your organization
  • Improve the relations between your team and associated communities

In light of the numerous incidents occurring at various factories, educational campuses around the country, it’s vital that you have the right partner to help you evaluate the quality of safety of your premises and help you in practicing the correct precautionary measures to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

This is where Totalika comes in, as Totalika has vast experience in Industrial & Institutional HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) sector. We help in enhancing the safety and security of your premises, thereby helping you create a safe & healthy environment.

Make Everyday Safe with Totalika

The foundation of any effective security program is a comprehensive, well-laid plan. We help you build a security plan for your premises with the help of an objective, top-down safety and vulnerabilities assessment. The analysis is done through rigorous staff interviews and visual inspection of the premises by our expert team.

We assess and evaluate:

  • Policies, Procedures, and Practices
  • Staff Training & Preparedness
  • Safety Measures
  • Violence Prevention Mechanisms
  • Emergency Response & Crisis Management

Institutional Risk Assessments & Safety Audit

TOTALIKA helps you in evaluating the current risk assessment and safety standards in your campus and make suitable recommendations to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. Additionally, we also assist you in developing crisis response plans, in the unfortunate case of an incident.

Safety Audits Process

  • Risk Assessment of the current safety procedures and Evaluation of Risks and Liabilities
  • Development of new protocols and procedures that enhance the safety and security of your campus
  • Emergency Process Planning, Designing & Implementation of required safety Floor plans, Evacuation Plans, Safety signage’s etc.
  • Safety Training & Exercises for all those involved
  • Continuation of Training and Audits periodically and updating of safety protocols and procedures, as and when required


Security conscious employees are your first line of defence. We help in training your staff and make them aware of security and emergency preparedness. Our team of expert trainers works with your students, teachers, administrators, security personnel, non-teaching staff, janitors to create an environment that values safety and security.

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Industrial Risk Assessment & Safety Audit

One of the challenges most international brands and buying houses face is verifying whether the vendor who is offering great rates has the ability and the infrastructure to complete the order you place.

Totalika’s Vendor Assessment & Rating Services is designed to help you verify a vendor’s claims. We do a complete background check that includes compliance with OHS norms, in-depth analysis of the ability to deliver on time and the quantities you need, factory status, kind of machines installed and their quantities, status of workforce and whether the operation is in-house or outsourced.

A detailed report is made available so your team can take an informed decision.

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A detailed report is made available so your team can take an informed decision.

Structural Compliance

After the tragedy in Bangladesh in which a building collapsed leading to great tragedy, Structural Compliance has emerged as a key area for international brands.

Totalika’s Structural Compliance services protects you from disaster by verifying structural claims and performing stringent checks. We work with experienced Structural Engineers with expertise in verifying building plans and infringements, if any. As part of Structural Compliance, we enable brands to avoid the risk of outsourcing production to factories that are dangerous and unsustainable for any activity to be carried out. Thus, protecting your brand and ensuring uninterrupted production activity.



Social & Environmental

Brands are increasingly under pressure to adhere to higher standards of sustainability, equitable worker conditions


Traceability Audit

Traceability is the ability to track any supply through all stages of production, processing and distribution (including importation and at retail).


Quality Control & Shipment Inspection

During the season when the rush and pressure is on, garment factories tend to focus more on meeting deadlines and there is


Totalika Training

Training employees about workplace safety requirements is a great investment. An effective Occupational Health and Safety training program



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