Tips to Boost your Safety Performance in 2018

Tips to Boost your Safety Performance in 2018

If improving your workplace safety was one of your resolutions for 2018, here are a few commandments to help you achieve it. Read on to find the steps you have to take to make your safety resolution come true.

#1: Thou Shall Engage Thy Employees

Instead of involving your employees only when you implement safety rules and regulations, you must make them a part of the process right from the beginning. Involving employees in safety planning helps them to demonstrate their skills and commitment to the job.

Start by surveying your employees and identify the pressing issues and start by getting their recommendations as to the suggestions to be made.

#2: Thou Shall Make it a Priority to Report Hazards

The key to eliminating workplace hazards begins with identifying and reporting it. Maintain a safety logbook in each department. At the end of the day, instruct your employees and supervisors to pen in any hazards they encountered during the workday.

Another efficient way to make your workplace a “hazard-free zone” is to conduct an in-depth risk assessment. To get started with risk assessment at your workplace, just get in touch with our safety experts here at Totalika.

#3: Thou Shall get the most from your Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and managers are the people who interact with the rest of your workforce on a daily basis. So, it’s critical that you train your supervisors and managers to be shining examples of safety. The attitude, actions, and reactions of managers have a massive impact on the overall safety culture at your workplace.

Instruct your managers and supervisors to

  • Make safety discussions a routing at employee meetings
  • Attend safety training and workshops so that they remain up-to-date on policies and regulations
  • Launch an accident investigation as early as possible and take the required corrective measures
  • Encourage safe behaviour in employees by using both coaching and feedback techniques

#4: Thou Shall have a Written Safety Code

If you don’t have a workplace safety code/manual, then you must get started on framing it. Instead, of just having a vague idea of what you want, make sure to draft it from scratch. Additionally, ensure that the safety and health mission statement of your business is in line with your work ethics and corporate culture.

Once you have the statement, make sure to communicate it to all your employees. This includes everyone from top to bottom, from the CEO to factory floor workers. Apart from your employees, make sure to share the safety statement with your suppliers, contractors, vendors, and customers.

Have the safety policy of your business in a manual that is easily accessible to managers and employees.

#5: Thou Shall be Prepared for Emergencies

Even though you may have a well-written and implemented safety code, there are bound to be emergencies. Make sure that you’re prepared for all unexpected events. Your emergency plan must be able to deal with all possible contingencies and must be all-inclusive.

A good emergency plan is one that’s specific to the nature of the business and is developed after a thorough risk assessment.

#6: Thou Shall be aware of the Health and Safety Legislation of your Country

This one’s highly relevant. Only when you are aware of the local rules and regulations, you can ensure that you’re abiding them all.

#7: Thou Shall make Smart Use of Technology

Technology is indeed a huge boon for improving your workplace safety. In fact, new safety-friendly tools and devices reduce your overall costs, eliminate unscheduled downtime and help minimize wiring. For instance, you can use smart device interactions to determine predictive maintenance feedback and so on.

Make sure to have technology as your friend in the workplace to eliminate hazards and improve safety.

#8: Thou Shall get involved in the Wellness and Health of your Employees

Your duty doesn’t just end with health and safety compliance. You have to get involved in the overall health and wellness of your employees. Experts agree that healthy employees are the most productive. Factors like diet, exercise and stress levels play a significant role in determining the quality of work.

From organising small walks during lunch to conducting regular yoga sessions in the workplace, you can get involved in a range of activities that boost the health and fitness levels of your employees. Management sponsored sports tournaments, healthy options at the cafeteria, onsite clinics, and free health check-ups are a few other ways in which you can improve the health of your employees.

As you focus on improving your revenue in 2018, keep your workers safe and healthy & improve the overall performance levels of your business.

The Last Word

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Let’s pledge to make workplaces safer in 2018!

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