Totalika Safety Training – The Smart Way to Cut Costs and Not Corners

Totalika Safety Training – The Smart Way to Cut Costs and Not Corners

Cutting Safety End up Costing You More in the Long Run

There’s a funny saying in safety circles, “If you think safety is expensive, then you should try an accident.”

Very often, business owners, in an attempt to cut down overall costs and save a few thousand rupees, end up cutting corners. The result – this not-well thought out plan ends up costing more time, money, resources and productivity, in the long run.

When businesses keep on cutting corners to increase profitability and returns, workers start looking for shortcuts. The result – shoddy work and costly accidents in the workplace.

Here, in this week’s post, we take a look at the reasons why you should never cut corners when it comes to workplace safety.

When Cost-Cutting Comes into the Picture, Employee Safety Training is the First to be Axed

This is sad but true. There’s no denying the fact that businesses today operate in a highly competitive environment. There’s no space for errors, and cut-throat competition is evident across industries and among firms of all sizes.

From big giant corporations to tiny start-ups, businesses of all sizes are running the rat race to emerge ahead. With exploding operational costs, companies are always on the lookout to reduce overall costs.

And, sadly environmental concerns and safety trainings are the first to face the chopping block during cost-cutting measures. Generally, management isn’t aware of the return on employee safety trainings, as it isn’t tangible on the bottom line. So, it’s quite easy for them to slash it off as a cost-cutting measure.

Managers assume that employee training can be brushed off without any consequences. The truth cannot be farther from that.

Taking an “everything will be okay” approach is highly risky and expensive.

There’s No Room for Short Cuts in the Workplace

Let’s first state the obvious – every business wants to make money. However, by taking shortcuts like – not spending on providing employees with safety training, you aren’t saving money. But, just setting up a potential landmine, that will explode sooner or later.

Here are a few Negative Impacts of not Providing Employees with Adequate Training:

  • The chances of an accident (injury or even death) increase significantly when employees operate high-risk machinery without sufficient training.
  • Productivity takes a dip when employees aren’t aware of the right ways to operate machinery.
  • Employees are likely to take compensated leave due to the injuries they suffer at work.
  • You’ll end up paying expensive legal costs and not to mention, the time and resources spent on sorting out legal tangles.
  • You even risk damaging the reputation of your business not only among employees but also among customers and stakeholders.
  • With increased workplace accidents, you’ll have to pay higher insurance premiums for both the business and its employees.

Simply put – There is no room for shortcuts in Safety and Training.

In order to save in the long run, your business has to budget the time, resources and money to cover the costs of training employees and providing the right safety measures for operation. If you don’t do this, an unexpected accident could end up negating all your cost-cutting measures. Remember the adage, “Penny wise, pound foolish?” That’s what happens when you end up cutting corners with safety and training.

While safety and training may feel like an expensive outgoing in the short-term, the long-term benefits are massive.

Take an Employees First Approach

Irrespective of the nature and scale of your business, your employees are the most important parts of your business. The efficiency and profitability of any business depend on its employees.

Your employees are the most valuable assets of your business.

They are the glue which gives your business the right direction and helps to hold it all together. Thus, to ensure the success and competitiveness of your business, you need the right employees you are well-equipped and qualified.

Ensure that you provide your employees with optimal working conditions. Don’t force them to work in an unsafe environment. This not only increases the rates of workplace accidents but also increases employee turnover rates.

If more and more workers are going to leave your business, due to unsafe and difficult working conditions, then you’ll have to end up paying more on recruitments and other benefits. Unsafe working conditions and lack of support are the two main causes of high employee attrition rates.

Taking an employee’s first approach not only increases your bottom line but improves the reputation and image of your business in the long run.

Managing Safety with Totalika

This is where Totalika’s Safety Training Course for Employees comes into the picture. We help organizations cut overall costs, without cutting corners. Above all, we help you follow the right practices without compromising on workplace safety.

This training course is customizable to suit the specific requirements of your business and to address its unique challenges. We offer specialized training courses for managers and supervisors as well as employees.

This course will help your onsite managers tackle things the right way, from a safety perspective, thereby reducing long-term costs.

Benefits of the Safety Training Programme from Totalika

With our course, your managers and supervisors double as on-site safety professionals. This is an immense value to your business, as it helps in reducing the overall costs, by eliminating accidents and injuries at the workplace.

Additionally, the safety module helps to boost the confidence of your employees. They understand that management is investing in their health and well-being. This, in turn, reduces attrition rates and improves productivity.

When you invest in improving the health and safety standards of the workplace, it serves to boost stakeholder confidence. Also, it ensures that you are complying with all the health and safety policies specified by the local authorities.

Simply put, spending on health and safety isn’t an expenditure. Rather, it’s an investment.

If you’d like further information on what Totalika can do to improve the safety standards of your business, you can get in touch with us, by giving us a call on +91-0124 266 3021, email us at or check out our site.

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