Ongoing Safety Training – The Most Important Investment to Grow your Business, Find Out Why

Ongoing Safety Training – The Most Important Investment to Grow your Business, Find Out Why

While drafting this very important article on workplace safety training, we have come across the very unfortunate NTPC Power plant blast in which shared death toll is 29 and NHRC serves notice to UP Government. Experts believe that the incident points to a serious safety issue. NTPC surely is going to reinforce their safety standards and protocol in the light of findings of the enquiry committee.

Irrespective of whether you’re a small firm with a handful of employees or a huge factory employing thousands of workers, safety is paramount. There’s no way that you can compromise on safety measures. Workers in all industries face workplace dangers that pose a significant threat to their safety and health.

Workers in all Industries are exposed to Health & Safety Threats

The dangers faced by workers in industries like mining and oil is pretty apparent: exposure to fires, toxic chemicals, fires, dangerous machinery and so on. However, the dangers faced by workers in other fields of business are not quite evident. For instance, we may assume that people working in a restaurant or a garment factory don’t face any safety or health threats. That’s a big NO! Poor ergonomics, psychological stress, food contamination are some issues that can cause health problems to restaurant workers and impact productivity negatively.

Since, all workers irrespective of the industry face hazards, it’s essential for employers to provide health and safety training on a regular basis.

Why it’s imperative that you invest in Ongoing Safety Training?

Wondering why you should spend on regular workplace safety training? Not sure, if it’s worth the expenditure? Continue reading to know more.

Ongoing safety training is essential to save lives and to grow your business. The primary aim of continued safety training is to create awareness among your employees about safety issues and to create a safety conscious workforce. It equips them to respond to a problem positively and to minimise damage levels. Basically, you’re building a culture that emphasis on safety.

Workplace safety is continually changing, and it’s vital that you keep yourself and your employees abreast of the latest developments. Ongoing safety training is what tells your employers how to handle tools and equipment and reminds them about safety guidelines. It prevents your employees from forgetting workplace safety rules.

“Continuous Improvement Always Triumphs Delayed Perfection.”

Here are the key benefits of why Ongoing Safety Training is the most important investment for your Business.

  • Avoid Costly and Time-Consuming Legal Tangles

Educating your workers on occupational health and safety can help in reducing workplace injuries and accidents. This prevents your company from facing costly legal battles with injured employees and their family members. Additionally, prioritising employee safety helps you retain your skilled employees. Employee attrition rate is significantly reduced; thereby you need not waste your time and resources on continually finding new people to fill vacant spots.

  • Enjoy enhanced Productivity & Higher Profits

Apart from the obvious financial and legal benefits of occupational health and safety training, your company can also enjoy improved productivity. This is because employee satisfaction levels are pretty high and they can focus much better on their tasks when they need not always be worried for their personal safety.

This enhanced focus leads to improved work quality, improved productivity and ultimately, better profits in the long run.

  • Earn the trust of your employees

When employees are confident about their personal safety, they are willing to put in extra efforts. Also, when they watch their employers go the extra mile to ensure that, they are extremely satisfied. Satisfied employees work far better than disgruntled workers. This way you earn the loyalty of employees and thereby retaining highly skilled workers.

  • Keep Workers Refreshed about Safety Guidelines

Safety Rules aren’t something that is taught once and forgotten. When you use ongoing safety training, you keep your workers reminded about the risks and guidelines. When employees are conscious and aware of the hazards and threats of the workplace, they are likely to avoid accidents and injuries.

Most workplace accidents are a result of complacency. When you provide regular periodic safety training, your employees are constantly informed about safety rules and regulations, thereby avoiding accidents and injuries.

  • Teach employees how to operate the latest equipment

As your business grows, you’ll have to add new equipment to your workplace. Periodic safety training is essential to keep your employees updated on how to operate new equipment. This helps to keep all your employees up-to-date on latest safety guidelines as well as on the rules of how to run the newly purchased machinery.

For instance, if you have purchased a new forklift that is advanced compared to the previous one, then your workers must be trained on how to use it safely before they can drive it around your premises.

  • Reiterates your commitment to Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety is not optional. It should be the top priority on your campus, and you should communicate this with your employees. When you have ongoing safety training programs, you show your workers the importance you place on their safety and well-being.

When workers realise that you’re spending time and resources for safety, they are likely to take it more seriously.

  • Keep in tune with the Changes

As new technology makes its way into the workplace, safety training also evolves to keep up with the latest developments. Even small advancements in safety training have a considerable impact in reducing workplace accidents and injuries.

  • Helps your Company meet Regulations and Compliance Standards

Passing the regulations and laws concerning your workplace safety is essential if you want your business to thrive. When your business fails to meet these laws, it can lead to serious penalties. When you provide regular ongoing safety training, each worker is aware of what they have to do meet the compliance. This is vital if you want your business to pass surprise inspections.

The Last Word

“Safety is a Commitment for both Employers and Employees.”

Ongoing safety training at the workplace adds immeasurable value to your business. When you educate and train your employees on safety, you are cultivating a healthy work environment that promotes efficiency, collaboration and above all trust.

The truth is nearly all workplace accidents, mishaps and injuries can be prevented by implementing ongoing safety training programs. Improve the well-being of your employees, protect your company from incurring expensive compensation costs and improve your bottom line with the help of continuing safety training programs.

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